The Best Online Blackjack Tournaments

The Best Online Blackjack Tournaments

Enjoyed in bar rooms and on casino floors for decades upon decades now, Blackjack is one of the most iconic card games there is. Sharing the top tier of card game fame with its sibling poker; one of the most attractive things about Blackjack, at least to those who have matured to gaming age during the advent of the internet, is its versatility.

Online blackjack tournaments

With some games, the transition undertook from land-based to internet casino format rendered them far less enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. In the case of Blackjack however – many bonuses have been incurred as a result of its modernisation. Perhaps this is the reason why the game enjoys one of the most consistently high online subscription and patron rates of all games old and new.

As a result of this popularity, there are a whole host of online casinos and offline tournaments taking place every month, week and day. For now, let’s focus on those taking place online:


Hardly a surprise that industry giants microgaming would have their own part in the currently booming online Blackjack industry. The International Blackjack League is run of this slick software via Platinum Play Casino and Royal Vegas Casino. One of the biggest communal pots to be found in the game sits under a whole host of brilliant talent.


It’s often easy to overlook the other giants of the game with microgaming around so consistently. However, Playtech are every bit as outstanding at providing flawless interfaces with which to place your bets now as they were before the microgaming revolution. See it and believe it.